Jul 12 2017

#TaylorTuesday, The Summer NAMM Show & More Recording

After a long, red-eye flight back from California to Tennessee (when doesn’t a red-eye flight actually seem long?!), I’ve been getting settled back into the swing of things here in Nashville. Other than the typical errands and busy work that needs handling after being away (checking old mail, etc.), I swung into Frothy Monkey HQ to pay a visit to my friends at Taylor Guitars who were putting on a little meet and greet and kick-off to The Summer NAMM Show. It was a hoot to check out some of their latest acoustic guitars, meet some other endorsing artists in and around Nashville, and drink some awesome coffee – especially after my overnight trip back to town!

After passing a bunch of fires in Nevada en route to the airport, it was nice to see a different kind of fire in the sky, courtesy of United Airlines.

After passing a bunch of wildfires in NV en route to the airport on Monday, it was really nice to see a different kind of fire in the sky, courtesy of United Airlines en route to TN.














So, I’ll be back for just a short while this time, but it’ll be long enough to take a few meetings at The Summer NAMM Show, write some songs, fix some works-in-progress, and get another day or so in the studio with friend and producer, Richie Biggs, at The Art House. We made a lot of progress together, earlier this June, and while we still have a way to go, we’re definitely chipping away at this project and ticking off the “to-do” list with some more overdubs this week and, perhaps, even some vocals. Can’t wait!

My trustworthy Taylor Guitars 814ce's and my Deering Banjos Bosting Six-String before an outdoor set this July.

My trustworthy Taylor Guitars 814ce’s and my Deering Banjos Boston Six-String before an outdoor performance this July.













Speaking of the album, there’s a new addition to the track listing! I’m so pumped to add a tune I wrote with my pal, Larry McCoy, titled ‘Name On My Breath’. After working through it a bit, I put together a quick video of a live, solo acoustic version done at my friend, Brad Cobb’s, studio in Glendale, California – odark30 studio. As it turns out, Taylor Guitars picked it up for this week’s (Tuesday, July 11th, 2017) #TaylorTuesday episode on their Instagram page. Check it out here! I’ll be working with them to make a few more videos to post during the next several weeks of July into August to tease my upcoming release. So, be sure to follow the Taylor Guitars Instagram page (and the Chi McClean Instagram page, while you’re at it) for updates, each Tuesday, through August 1st, 2017.

Thanks so much for your on-going support, friends! See ya soon!

Jul 1 2017

Nashville, Writing, Recording & More Gigs

Stoked to play #FreedomFest at Squaw Valley USA this July 1st, 2017 along with a terrific line-up!

Stoked to play #FreedomFest at Squaw Valley USA this July 1st, 2017 along with a terrific line-up!














It’s been a while since I’ve updated this page, but there’s just been so much going on… Still, that’s no excuse! After a great run of shows up and down the California coast in April and May, I spent a little time in North Lake Tahoe, CA before packing up the Outside Van and heading back down to Nashville, TN to co-write a few more tunes with some pals, track some more band songs for the upcoming release, and write a few others on my own to see if I couldn’t beat out anything already slotted for the new project. It was so awesome to get back in the studio at The Art House with Grammy Award-winning producer and engineer, Richie Biggs, and a terrific cast of session players. All told, I have a solid chunk of new tunes under my belt after a few weeks back in Tennesee and three more full-band recordings tracked, too. This new record is definitely coming along and is taking shape nicely – I can’t wait to share it with you all!

Dropping into Granite Peak at Squaw Valley USA the day before heading back to Nashville, TN.

Dropping into Granite Peak at Squaw Valley USA the day before heading back to Nashville, TN. Photo: Mike Rogge













Meanwhile, it was hotter and more humid than you-know-what down there, and no amount of hot chicken, BBQ, sweet tea, or otherwise could make up for it! So, as productive and fun as it was being back in Nashville, even the four-day drive back to some long gigs in Northern California couldn’t keep me from wanting to get into a some drier and cooler surroundings (let’s face it, #vanlife in the South is brutal in the summer months without air conditioning). So, after a marathon drive over the last few days, I made the final stretch from Salt Lake City, UT to Clio, CA after about nine hours, just in time to load in, sound check, and play my gig. It was so great to be back in the mountains, doing my thing, and I can’t wait for a few more dates this July 4th weekend at Squaw Valley USA for #FreedomFest and more.

It was so hot doing the #vanlife thing in Nashville, TN. At times, I thought I pretty much might melt.

It was so hot doing the #vanlife thing in Nashville, TN! I’m glad to be back to some cooler and drier weather in NorCal.













As always, keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming performance dates and come on out and say “hi”, if you’re near! If you don’t see anything on the calendar near you, just let me know via my contact form and I’ll do my best to come to you! In the mean time, here’s to a fun, safe, and patriotic Independence Day Weekend and a wonderful summer to follow! See you out there soon, friends!

Mar 23 2017

California Spring Tour with Lady Rogo

Welcome To California Tour  Promo











I am so fired up to hit the road with my friend and touring partner, Lady Rogo, this April 2017! Starting on Sunday, April 9th, we’ve got a really fun run of dates lined up that will take us as far north as San Francisco and Sacramento to points as far south as Los Angeles and San Diego, over the course of three weeks. I’ll be featuring my favorite material from my first two albums and my 2016 release, Let Me In, and will also be sharing some new songs slated for my upcoming 2017 release, produced by Richie Biggs, back in Nashville, Tennessee. Lady Rogo will be showcasing songs from her debut record, I Will Give, while highlighting some brand new songs scheduled for her upcoming, second album. We’ll also be collaborating here and there on some tunes in between with a couple fun surprises to come, so take note of our current tour dates and don’t miss an opportunity to catch the fun when we swing through your neck of the woods! More performances are being added daily, so for the most up to date information, be sure to check out the tour calendar here or visit my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feeds for daily updates, new show announcements, ticket information, and more as we get closer to the start of the tour.













We still have some available dates that we are hoping to fill, along with some daytime opportunities for performances in between our existing dates, so if you’d like us to swing through your neck of the woods, or if you’d like to host a house concert or intimate, listening-room performance in your venue, please give us a shout and let’s make it happen! See you soon, California!

Jan 8 2017

Wintering In Snowy North Lake Tahoe, CA

After a busy but wonderful holiday season, I’ve found myself back in one of my favorite parts of the world – Lake Tahoe, California. It’s been such a nice change of pace from Nashville, Tennessee and it’s felt so good to get back into a regular performance routine. Plus, the skiing and winter vibes have been amazing this year!

Picking my Deering Banjo Co. Boston Six-String during a snowstorm in Truckee, CA. Photo: Folklaur Studio

Picking my Deering Banjo Co. Boston Six-String during a snowstorm in Truckee, CA. Photo: Folklaur Studio














I’ll be performing at a variety of spots around North Lake Tahoe for the next few months while (hopefully) replenishing the bank account after working on my fourth record this past November and December 2016 with producer and engineer, Richie Biggs. In between, I’ll be making the occasional trip up and down the coast for some performances on the road, like the one I’ll be making down to Anaheim to showcase at The Winter NAMM Show on January 19th and 20th, 2017.

All in all, it really feels good to be back here in this magical, winter wonderland. If you plan to be in the area, or if you need a getaway and are wondering what to do and where to go, c’mon out and say hi at one of my upcoming performances this season! I’ll be listing all of my performances on my Shows Page, as well as on my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. You can also follow me on BandsInTown for the most up to date information on where and when I’ll be performing, regardless of the geographic region.


Dec 2 2016

New Recording Project

I’ve been back in Nashville, TN since mid November writing and re-connecting with some folks and, most importantly, working on a new record with Grammy winning producer and engineer, Richie Biggs. We’ve been spending some time at the coziest studio I’ve ever worked in (Art House Studios), just south of Nashville, and have been getting some great sounds! Richie has selected a killer group of players and is adeptly navigating the musical the ship into waters that I, quite honestly, never thought we’d see. The production is anything but predictable and is feeling really, really good. Frankly, this project is going to be totally unlike anything I have ever done to date, and I couldn’t be happier to explore some new creative territory! Having a great team and a terrific captain in charge has taken the load off in many ways and really has enabled me to relax, work on my performances, and just enjoy the process. Now, if I could only get some sleep… ;)

Live recording with the band at Art House Studios in Nashville, TN.

My Taylor Guitars 814ce’s and Deering Banjo Co. Boston 6-String in action at Art House Studios in Nashville, TN.













Life in the van has been little crazy with all the running around, writing, rehearsing, and working, but having a dependable base camp at my buddy’s (and frequent co-writer) driveway has been an absolute blessing. It’s always nice to know where I’ll be ending up at the end of a long day and having a friendly, safe spot to hang is so tremendously appreciated on many a rainy night so far this winter in the Southeast. All in all, it’s been a killer couple of weeks back here with a mini break to visit some family for Thanksgiving, and I am truly excited to see where the next couple of sessions take us in the studio. Thus far, we’ve tracked a total of eight (8) songs with the band, and we have a budget for maybe a few more, with an acoustic / performance-style track or two in the cards. This week is all wrapped, but we’ll be getting back to it for a few more sessions before the holidays, so stay tuned on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for frequent updates on the project, timelines, and more. In the mean time, it’s back to the van to cook up some more ideas to see if I might just beat anything we’ve left to record, writing-wise. Here we go!

The line-up for the first session with producer, Richie Biggs, and the band.

Experimenting with some different sounds in the van in between recording sessions at Art House Studios.













Big thanks to my friends at Taylor Guitars, Deering Banjo Co., and Elixir Strings for their on-going support of my music career, as well as all the friends and family (both new and old) who’ve provided a friendly van spot over the last year of gigs, radio interviews, writing appointments, etc. on the road. Thanks, too, to each and every one of the venues who’ve been kind enough to host my performances and, in turn, help finance this new project. I really couldn’t do it without you guys! So, stay tuned and, in the mean time, best wishes for a wonderful holiday season to all!

Nov 1 2016

Halloween, November & West Coast Wrap-Up

I hope everyone had a terrific Halloween weekend! Things have been super busy starting in late September 2016 with my big Hardly Stricly Bluegrass Festival after-party show and just haven’t stopped! Throw in a lost voice, prepping for five days of tracking in mid November 2016 for my fourth, full-length album, and I’ve been running around like a chicken with his head cut off!

A Spooktacular, Solo A-BOO-Stic performance kicked off this Halloween weekend at HopMonk Tavern in Sonoma, CA>

A Spooktacular, Solo A-BOO-Stic performance kicked off this Halloween weekend at HopMonk Tavern in Sonoma, CA.













At the time of this post, I’ve performed 135 times for the year, so far. I’m a little behind plan due to catching a gnarly cold or two earlier in the year, and then there was this latest bout with a lost voice this October, but it’s looking like it’ll be a 150-date year, all in all, when the ball drops at midnight on January 1st, 2017 – I’ll take it. That said, I’m due for a small break from the road and, lo and behold, we’re at that time of year when I head back to Nashville, TN for a little bit to get some more writing done and (surprise) record a new, full-length album! I’m fired up to be working with Richie Biggs (producer and engineer) for this one and a cast of some of my favorite, Nashville musicians to round out the sound. This is going to be an entirely different adventure than my last few recording projects, and I frankly can’t wait to get started! More on that later, so stay tuned.

No voice? No problem... Just a little salt water therapy earlier in October 2016 when I put myself on vocal rest and canceled a few gigs to get back to baseline. It worked! Photo: Blain LeBlanc

No voice? No problem. Just a little salt water therapy at a secret spot earlier in October 2016 when I put myself on vocal rest and canceled a few gigs to get back to baseline. One of the perks of being on the road in California. Photo: Blain LeBlanc














So, after three fun performances this past Friday through Sunday, I’m looking at a few days off this week to get my California affairs in order (and some laundry), then two final West Coast gigs for the fall in Truckee and Calistoga, CA this November 4th and 5th. After that, it’s off to cross this great country of ours (with a few of my favorite food stops along the way) in my big old van to get back to Nashville, TN to write some music, record a new record, and rest up for a busy 2017! It’s going to be an exciting final two months to 2016, so stay tuned here, via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and come along for the ride! In the mean time, if you’re a surfer, skier, and/or mountain biker on the Left Coast, be sure to save some turns for me! I’ll be looking forward to be a BIG winter when I come back next year. Be well, be safe, and have fun, friends!

BIG THANKS, as always, to my friends at Taylor Guitars, Deering Banjos and Elixir Strings for their on-going support.

Sep 22 2016

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival Official After Party & Birthday Show on Friday, September 30th

I am SO fired up to get back to San Francisco, CA on Friday, September 30th, 2016 for the first time in a LONG while to put on a big show at one of my favorite venues in town: Neck Of The Woods. Doors will open at 8:00pm and, starting at 9:00pm, I’ll be playing two sets. The first one will be a solo, acoustic set featuring some newer material, as well as some songs slated for the next recording project (I start tracking in early November back in Nashville, TN). The second set will feature my favorite Bay Area rhythm section with Dan “D-Lucca” Parenti on bass guitar and Tommie Bradford on the drum set to pump up the vibe a little for a live rendition of my 2016 release, ‘Let Me In‘.

Big thanks to Folklaur Studios for putting together an awesome handbill and poster for my performance on Friday, September 30th, 2016 at Neck Of The Woods in San Francisco, CA!

Big thanks to Folklaur Studio for putting together an awesome handbill and poster for my performance on Friday, September 30th, 2016 at Neck Of The Woods in the Richmond District of San Francisco, CA!














Neck Of The Woods is just a short walk from Golden Gate Park, where the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival will be playing until about 7:00pm on the 30th, so it’s the perfect spot to hang after a day out at the festival to wrap things up, catch up with some friends, have a cold one, and listen to some live music.

ADVANCE TICKETS ARE NOW AVAILABLE HERE for the show, so mark your calendars NOW, spread the word, share the Facebook Event, and c’mon down for a killer evening in the Richmond District of San Francisco, CA. But, wait… there MORE! :) The first 150 guests will receive a FREE, limited-edition ‘Chi McClean’ pint glass with their ticket purchase of just $12.00 Advance or $15.00 at the door. And, if you don’t already have my new, 2016 release, ‘Let Me In’, you can also upgrade your ticket to include a signed copy of the disc for just $20.00.

Big thanks to the crew at Taylor Guitars, Deering Banjos, Elixir Strings and my friends at Folklaur Studio and Neck Of The Woods for the event support! It’s gonna be a doozie of a show and my very last performance in San Francisco, CA for some time, so don’t miss it!


Jun 13 2016

‘Let Me In’ Approved for Pandora Radio

I am so thrilled to announce that my latest release, Let Me In, has been approved by Pandora to be included in their catalog and added to the Chi McClean Station! It may take a little longer, yet, to have it cycled into their catalog, but it will be joining my first release, Something Out There, along with music from some other notable artists such as John Mayer, Shawn Mullins, and more – all on one station. If you haven’t checked out Pandora yet, please do and be sure to subscribe to my station! It’s super easy and it’s a fun way to discover new music that you might like if you’re already a fan of mine.

So fired up to announce that Pandora Radio has approved my recent album, 'Let Me In', for their streaming catalog.

So fired up to announce that Pandora has approved my recent album, Let Me In, for their streaming catalog.













Big thanks to the folks at Pandora for supporting my music and for including my most recent effort as part of their streaming catalog online. And, remember… if you haven’t heard the new album yet and just can’t wait for it to be uploaded to the Pandora catalog, you can stream it immediately from my site for free here or purchase a digital copy via iTunes or Amazon Music now, or order a hard copy, delivered right to your door, from CDbaby. Thanks for your on-going support! Stay tuned for more album updates, upcoming performances, news, and more – all coming soon.

May 13 2016

Radio Interview & Performance on KRUSH 92.5 FM

I always enjoy an opportunity to get back to the Central Coast of California for performances – uncrowded surf, tons of great wine, terrific food, friendly people, and a lively roots music scene! As the icing on the cake, when I get a chance to pay a visit to my friends at KRUSH 92.5 FM to chat on the #KRUSHLounge, this place feels even a little more like Heaven.


Hanging with On-Air Host for KRUSH 92.5 FM, Suzanne Schonig.

Hanging with On-Air Host for KRUSH 92.5 FM, Suzanne Schonig, after my interview and live, in-studio performance.











On-Air host, Suzanne Schonig, invited me into the KRUSH 92.5 FM studios this week, in between performances, to chat about my new album, ‘Let Me In’, play a few live in-studio songs, and then promote my upcoming show in San Luis Obispo, CA this Friday, May 13th at Bang The Drum Brewery from 7:00pm until 9:00pm. We had a terrific time goofing around, talking about music, life on the road, and in between, she was sure to give me a little grief about my somewhat out-of-control beard, hair, van life, etc. (I was apparently a little more “well-groomed” the last time we caught up at the station!) Suzanne played the title track from the record, ‘Let Me In’, ‘It Don’t Matter’, and ‘I Save You’, while I performed some newer songs, ‘You’ll Be Moving On’, written with my friend, Larry McCoy, and ‘Highway Prayer’, written with my buddy, Chris Gelbuda, live on my Taylor Guitars and Elixir Strings.

Performing LIVE in-studio on the KRUSH Lounge at KRUSH 92.5 FM.

Performing LIVE in-studio on the KRUSH Lounge at KRUSH 92.5 FM on the California Central Coast earlier this week.











The interview aired this Thursday, May 12th at 5:00pm Pacific throughout the Central Coast of California on KRUSH 92.5 FM and will air again for an encore performance on Tuesday May 17th at 2:00pm Pacific. If you’re in the area, be sure to tune in at 92.5 FM on the dial or, if you’re out of the broadcast range, simply log into KRUSH925.com to stream the show from anywhere in the world on your laptop, mobile device, etc. for free!

Big thanks to Suzanne and the crew from KRUSH 92.5 FM and American General Media for their on-going support of my music on the Central Coast of California! I can’t wait to get the next album out and c’mon back for another hang on KRUSH Lounge! In the mean time, stay tuned to my Shows Page for upcoming performances near you! You can also keep tabs on the fun via social media on my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages, 24/7.


Apr 4 2016

Currently On Tour On The California Coast

The past few days have been an absolute blast! I kicked things off with a set in Olympic Valley, CA at Twenty Two Bistro at the base of Squaw Valley USA, then a wine country gig in Yountville, CA with a performance at “Taste of Yountville”, then one more down the coast in Capitola, CA for a gig at my favorite little wine bar by the sea, Cava Wine Bar. Today (Monday) has been filled with a few coffees and treats at Verve Coffee Roasters (my favorite spot in the greater Santa Cruz, CA area), then a little surf session on the East Side at a tasty little reef break, then some busy work to keep the promo going for this run of shows and the new record, ‘Let Me In’, now available worldwide on iTunes and Amazon Music.

"Let Me In" is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase.

“Let Me In” is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase and streaming online via all major music retailers.












I still have quite a few more days out here on the road before returning to some regular dates in North Lake Tahoe, and I’d love to see you all at one of my upcoming appearances! So, if you live in or are nearby any of the following California towns (Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo, Los Angeles, San Diego, Murrieta, Buellton, Westlake Village, Sacramento, Olympic Valley, or Truckee – with more to come), check out my Shows Page for details, spread the word, and c’mon by! You can also keep up to date on my upcoming performances, travels and adventures along the way via Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram if you prefer to hang on the social network.

Thanks for helping to spread the word, you guys! See ya out there!

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