Jan 22 2016

“Let Me In” Now Available Worldwide

I am so thrilled to announce that my third album, “Let Me In”, is now officially available worldwide on all major online retail sites. This is the sound I have been chasing for some time and I am so excited to see this project finally come to life. The album features some truly outstanding players and engineers from the greater Nashville, Tennessee area, and I am so grateful to have had their support, encouragement, and talent throughout this process.

"Let Me In" is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase.

“Let Me In” is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase.












I’ve also received some terrific support for the folks at Amazon Music who are featuring me on their music page today (January 22nd, 2016) with banner advertisements, additional links, and more. Please visit Amazon Music to stream previews of the album, buy tracks, and more. If you’re a Prime member, you’ll be able to stream full-length tracks for free! The release is also now available on iTunes and CD Baby (where physical copies of album are also available).

Wherever and however you choose to listen to these songs, please remember to write a review and, if you love it, give the album 5-stars. Also, please don’t forget to spread the word to friends, family, and all the music lovers in your life that “Let Me In” is now officially available. And, while you’re at it, if you aren’t following me on social media, yet, click on over to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and give me a like so you can stay up to speed on upcoming performances, more new music, my crazy #VanLife adventure, and other announcements in the coming months.

In the mean time, I’m off to showcase at the Acoustic Guitar Magazine booth at today’s NAMM Show in Anaheim, California at 11:40 AM, followed by a formal, industry showcase on the Marriott Stage, also at the NAMM Show, starting at 3:00 PM today. If you’re at the event or nearby in Southern California, c’mon by, say hi, listen to some tunes, and pick up a hard copy of the album! The second performance (on the Marriott Stage) is free and open to the public without any trade-show badge restrictions.

Thank you for listening, enjoy, and see you on the road!

Jan 14 2016

“Let Me In” Interview 101.5 FM KTKE

Before it’s even been released, “Let Me In” is starting to make waves on-air with local, Truckee Tahoe Radio 101.5 FM KTKE! I was invited to spend some time in-studio with on-air talent Katie Mac yesterday to talk about the upcoming release, preview a few tracks, and promote a few solo acoustic performances in North Lake Tahoe, California this holiday weekend. We had a killer time goofing around, listening to music, and going over the making of “Let Me In”.

Hanging with 101.5 FM KTKE On-Air Host, Katie Mac after the show.

Hanging with 101.5 FM KTKE On-Air Host, Katie Mac.












If you missed the live show, you can catch most of it online right here via Soundcloud. You’ll hear the tail end of the opening track, “I Save You”, and all of “It Don’t Matter” and “It’s Alright” to wrap up the show. BIG THANKS to Katie Mac and the gang at Truckee Tahoe Radio 101.5 FM KTKE for their on-going support of my new release, scheduled to hit all major online retailers on Friday, January 22nd, 2016.

The best local station around, Truckee Tahoe Radio 101.5 FM KTKE

The best in local radio: Truckee Tahoe Radio 101.5 FM KTKE










Stay tuned for more news, promotions, and special events to support the new release this winter near you!

Jan 6 2016

Official Album Release Date Announced

I’m so fired up to announce that my new release, officially titled “Let Me In”, will hit stores and be available for sale this January 22nd, 2016. I’ll be kicking off the release with my showcase at The Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA and a live, online performance for Acoustic Guitar Magazine, right from the show. I’ll also have a couple of cool online and brick and mortar promotions rolling out later this month into February, so stay tuned here or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more information on when and where.

Final approval for the digital distribution for my new release is DONE. Look for it online on Friday, January 22nd, 2016!

Digital distribution for my new release is approved and will be live on all major online retailers this January 22nd, 2016.













In the mean time, I’ve been hitting the road out on the West Coast around the greater Lake Tahoe, CA region for performances this past December 27th, 2015 through January 2nd, 2016 followed by a trip back to Nashville, TN for some co-writes, meetings, etc. I’ll be hitting the stage again this week with more gigs back in California and more promotion while getting things ramped up for the new release later this month.

Big thanks to The Tahoe Weekly for their on-going support of my local, North Lake Tahoe performances this winter.

Big thanks to The Tahoe Weekly for their on-going support of my local, North Lake Tahoe performances this winter.













It’s been a great start to the New Year and I can’t wait to share this new music with you all. Huge, huge thanks to the following cast of musicians, engineers, artists, and more who made this most recent project possible: Richie Biggs, Sam Ashworth, Richard Dodd, Andrija Tokic, Audley Freed, Jeff “Shakey” Fowlkes, Robert Kearns, Jimmy Wallace, Rob Ickes, Joe Spivey, The McCrary Sisters, Kitten Kuroi, Lauren Bello Okerman, Hauk Heimdallsman, Michale Shubin, David Hall, Drew Denbo and, of course, my family. None of this would be possible without their input, support, and dedication to making this project come to life.

Best wishes to you all for a wonderful, happy, and healthy 2016! I look forward to seeing you all on the road in the coming months and sharing some new recordings, some new songs, and some new experiences with you.

Nov 19 2015

New Album Update: On To Mastering

It brings me such great pleasure to share that I am nearly finished with my latest release. I signed off on a final mix this week with engineer Richie Biggs (The Civil Wars, The Lone Bellow, Holly Williams, etc.) and am so stoked on the outcome. This morning, I met with Richard Dodd (Tom Petty, Jason Aldean, etc.) and made arrangements to have him master the mix, later this week. If you take just a cursory look at what these two guys have done during their careers, you’ll understand why I am so fired up to get this thing out!

Reviewing the new album cover art and disc art with a much needed chai in Nashville, TN.

Reviewing the new album cover art and disc art with a much needed chai at Dose Coffee & Tea here in Nashville, TN. 













The master should be finished by the weekend, if all goes well. Barring any changes, I should be able to get materials off to replication before the Thanksgiving holiday. At the moment, I’m taking a last look at some album cover art and disc art, shot and designed by my friend, Lauren Bello Okerman, who operates under the moniker, Folkaur Studio. It’s looking killer, but the devil’s in the details, as they say. So, with a little caffeine by my side, I’m going through the text and layout with a fine-tooth comb this evening before giving her final approval to send out for the official proof.

This recording took a good while to finish and took me from 2″ tape to Pro Tools to analog studios, project studios, home studios, and just about everywhere in between amidst hundreds of performance dates and 10′s of 1,000′s of miles on the road. I met a ton of talented musicians and engineers, made a bunch of new friends, learned more than a few lessons, and lost my fair share of sleep while fretting over editing decisions, budget, etc. along the way. In the end, I guess that’s called, “making an album”, eh?

I’ll be putting up the recording for a very limited pre-release this December, just in time for the holidays, so stay tuned for more details on that right here at chimcclean.com or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram so you and the music lovers on your holidays lists can stay stoked over the holidays. In early January 2016, it will be available via all major online music stores and select brick and mortar locations, nationwide. More updates soon, so check in again before too long!

Nov 18 2015

Back In Tennessee

Lots has happened since my last post… After about 140 live performances since January 1st, 2015, I took a long, hot drive across the I-10 from San Francisco, California, ultimately working my way back to Nashville, Tennessee. Along the way, I stopped to visit some friends and family in the southeast, take in a little sun, a bit of east coast wind swell, and a few naps to catch up on life and sleep. Feeling refreshed, I finally made it up to Nashville towards the end of October to settle back into a writing routine, finish up my record, and start working on some new recordings.

So nice to see fall in full swing back in Tennessee!

So nice to see fall in full swing back in Tennessee! What a change from California weather this fall…












Within the last two weeks or so, I’ve penned eight new tunes, heard a ton of great music, eaten tons of great food, reconnected with some old friends, found some new ones, and fielded a handful of really productive meetings while bouncing around Nashville. It’s been terrific to be back and such a refreshing change from all the time I spent on the west coast over the last several months. And, in between, I have to admit that it felt terrific to get a little R&R in down in Florida – even my guitars got into the spirit (see below).

My Taylor Guitars GS Mini soaking in the sun down in Florida.

My Taylor Guitars GS Mini soaking in the sun down in Florida. Even this guy needed a break after 140+ gigs!

Next up is the final mix and master for my new album, scheduled for release this holiday season on a limited basis, then officially through online and brick and mortar retail stores starting January 1st, 2016. Wrapping up the final mix will be Richie Biggs (The Civil Wars, The Lone Bellow, Holly Williams, etc.) who is a rare talent and a complete joy to work with. Once we’re all set, Richard Dodd (Tom Petty, Jason Aldean, etc.) will be running the final master prior to sending all the files out for replication. It’s been a good while since I’ve released a record and, to be totally honest, I can’t wait! In the mean time, I’ve been writing so much that I’m totally backed up with new material, so it won’t be long before I start up another project this winter.

Stay tuned here and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more information on the pre-release and official release date for the new album and be sure to save a little scratch to pick up a copy for those folks on your holiday list this season!


Sep 15 2015

Update From The Road

I’ve been on the road pretty much non-stop this spring and summer and have been good about keeping my performance calendar up to date and my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds current, but I just took a look at my “posts” and the last one I made was from (gulp) January after my showcase performance at the Winter NAMM Show! (Yikes!) So, for those of you that I haven’t seen over the last several months, I thought it was high time to get some info up here and briefly let ya know what’s been happening.

Just another beautiful day in the Sierra Nevada playing some acoustic music.

Just another beautiful day in the Sierra Nevada playing some acoustic music near Truckee, California.













It’s been a great several months out here on the road with a number of performances on the West Coast interspersed with trips back to Nashville, TN to write, eat some hot chicken, etc. Sometimes, I think I’ve been spinning my wheels out here in the van, but when I look back at my performance calendar starting on January 1st, 20015, it seems as though I’ve played 129 gigs so far. While I thought I might have done more, that’s nothing to sneeze at, I reckon. With 9 more performances scheduled for the rest of September at this point, thing are moving along out there. If you haven’t caught a gig in a little while, be sure to check out my schedule here and swing on by for a few tunes! If you don’t see a date listed near you, then e-mail me at chi(at)chimcclean(dot)com and let me know where you’d like to see me play! I’m always down for a road trip…

Apart from pound the road and honing my live act, I’ve been writing to pitch to other artists, and I’ve been writing and recording for film and television placements – mostly with my friend, Adam Z, with whom I’ve place three songs on the hit series from Warner Bros. Television, “Hart of Dixie“. After getting a tiny peak behind the curtain to the world of music placements with this show, I’ve been trying to figure out how to get more involved. It’s so fun to get outside of my own “artist handcuffs” and just write and produce a bunch of fun stuff for something entirely different. We’ll see… I suppose that’s pretty good work, if you can get it!

What’s next? Frankly, I’m not too sure… October, November and December have purposefully been left as open slates for me to take a step back, write a bit more, get a new release out that’s been haunting me for a little while, and take a hard look at where I’ve been spending my time these days to see if I can maybe start to work a little smarter and not harder, as the saying goes. And, with the potential of a solid El Niño year upon us, some epic surf and snow may very well be on the way… Will I be in the mountains and on the coast for another winter performing, skiing, and surfing the best the season has to offer? Or will I be back in Nashville, TN setting down some roots for a change? Time will tell, my friends. So, stay tuned here and I’ll promise to keep you updated on the new release, the new songs, new dates, and more. If you do well with e-mail and want to keep apprised of my upcoming dates, just visit my contact page sign up for my e-mail updates for more information. In the mean time, take good care, and be sure to have some fun along the way! See ya out there.

Jan 27 2015

New Song Featured on The CW Network Hit TV Series ‘Hart of Dixie’

Well, my friend Adam Zelkind and I did it again! As I started my drive back from my performance showcase at The NAMM Show down in Anaheim, California to gigs up in the North Lake Tahoe region this last Friday, I got the final word that a song we wrote and recorded, “You Make Me Feel Like A Man”, was going to air on that evening’s episode of The CW Network hit television series, ‘Hart of Dixie‘. It’s a groovy, swampy, baby-maker of a tune featuring my Taylor Guitars 814ce and Phosphor Bronze Elixir Strings with Nanoweb Coating, lots of slide, and some super sweet harmonies – all written and recorded in a day at Villa Z Studios.

A new song I wrote and recorded with Adam Zelkind recently aired on Episode 403 of 'Hart of Dixie'.

Watch episode 403 of ‘Hart of Dixie” on The CW Network to hear a new song in collaboration with Adam Zelkind.














Adam and I had a ton of fun writing and recording this one and couldn’t be happier to have one more of our collaborations featured on this hit television series. While this particular episode has already aired, you can still stream it online by visiting The CW Network website here. The episode number is 403 and the episode title is “The Very Good Bagel”. Check out the show when you have time and listen for our track! Big thanks to Warner Bros. Television, The CW Network, Chop Shop Music Supervision, and everyone else involved in featuring our song on this episode!

Jan 24 2015

The NAMM Show Performance Showcase

After spending a few weeks in the greater Lake Tahoe area in Northern California performing at various venues, it was really nice to get a dose of warm weather down in Anaheim, California during The NAMM Show at the Anaheim Convention Center. NAMM stands for “National Association of Music Merchants” and represents nearly the entire manufacturing and retail list of “who’s who” in the music industry. It’s an absolutely huge production that takes place twice a year (once in Anaheim, CA and once in Nashville, TN) and is a terrific hang, a great way to see what’s new in the biz, a chance to drool over gear, and an opportunity to get slimy and schmooze.

Showcasing on the Marriott Stage at the 2015 Winter NAMM Show

Showcasing on the Marriott Stage at The NAMM Show on Friday, January 23rd. Photo: Teresa Tam











I was selected as an official showcasing artist for The NAMM Show this January and was stoked to play a set on Friday, January 23rd in front of an audience of industry folks, fans, and friends. This particular stage, however, was not my friend, apparently, as one piece of gear after another on the signal chain started failing after the second song. First, we thought it was a cable (so we replaced that). Then, we thought it was my tuner power supply (so we removed that). Later, we thought it was another cable (so we swapped that). Then, I just plugged directly into the DI and STILL had issues, whereupon I just completely unplugged and played acoustic. While it wasn’t exactly how I had envisioned this set going, and while it certainly was a hair-raising experience in front of an audience, it still was pretty fun(ny). I and the folks out front had more than a few laughs and made the best of it… And, if nothing else, it was a good test of my composure on stage when just about everything that can go wrong, in fact, does.

My credentials and my schedule. Simple.

My credentials and my schedule. Simple.













I got a chance to hang with the folks at Taylor Guitars, Deering Banjos, and Elixir Strings, which was terrific. I also got to reconnect with some long-lost music friends I hadn’t seen in ages, tried out some cool gear, made a wish-list of stuff that I could really use and some that would just be fun to have (I mean, who doesn’t want a battle-axe shaped guitar with skulls and glowing red eyes?!), and just enjoyed being around all the energy that comes with a trade show. To boot, there were some remarkable performances from some larger, national acts that were a blast to hear in person (my favorite was Trombone Shorty on the GoPro Stage on Thursday night, January 22nd).

Anyway, trade shows and conferences are nice and all, but it was time to “hit the road before this rolling stone gathered moss” (as Jimi Hendrix would say), so I made a marathon drive overnight to Truckee, California after the show last night and am now in the process of getting geared up for another gig today in the mountains, then another down on the coast this Sunday. Got to keep on keepin’ on! So, stay tuned to my Shows Page and come on out and see me sometime!

Jan 18 2015

Live-In-Studio Interview, Performance & Album Preview on KTKE

Living in Truckee, California this January for some performance residencies has been an absolute blast. I’ve met tons of great folks, performed at some terrific venues, taken more than a few ski turns in the clean, clear, crisp, Sierra Nevada air, and have been welcomed with open arms from the local media. It’s truly been such a wonderful experience. Continuing the stoke, the folks at Truckee Tahoe Radio 101.5 FM KTKE invited me to join them on their “Local Lowdown” program this past Monday, January 12th, 2015 to talk music, Nashville, preview a few songs from my upcoming release, and play a live-in-studio song recently penned with friend and co-writer, Bob Rea.

The best local station around, Truckee Tahoe Radio 101.5 FM KTKE

If you’re in Lake Tahoe, you’ve got to tune in at 101.5 FM.










My hosts were the Kool-Aid Kid and Sir Funksalot – both serious music mavens and knowledgeable on all things music-related in the greater Lake Tahoe region. We had a blast, enjoyed a few laughs, and a hilarious moment when my pick flew across the room during the opening bars of my live-in-studio performance (Sir Funksalot managed to catch it and skillfully pass it back to me in between chords, mid-song). If you missed the show, you’re in luck: it was recorded and is now posted via SoundCloud here. If you click on the link, my song “I Save You” from my upcoming, full-band release will kick off the show. Later on in the program, the actual interview starts at around the 28-minute mark or so with a break for a preview of my song “It’s Alright”, and another break for a live performance of my song “Slow Down”, written with my good friend, Bob Rea.

Hanging in the studio after the show with the Kool-Aid Kid (middle) and Sir Funsalot (right).

Hanging in the studio after the show with the Kool-Aid Kid (middle) and Sir Funsalot (right).











HUGE THANKS to Truckee Tahoe Radio 101.5 FM KTKE for their hospitality and, of course, a big shout out goes to the Kool-Aid Kid and Sir Funksalot for putting it all together. I can’t wait to visit with them again when the new record finally drops! Until then, if you’re up in the greater Lake Tahoe area, be sure to check out my calendar listing of performances here and swing on by for some music. Take care, happy winter, and ski ya soon! Now, it’s off to another gig…

Dec 27 2014

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, friends! I’ve been lucky enough to spend some time with my family and friends out in Vail, Colorado over the last several days. It’s such a festive place to be this time of year, and an easy way to get caught up in the Christmas spirit – especially when Santa shows up for the annual tree lighting ceremony in Vail Village! We had aVERY white Christmas and I took advantage of all the snow by making more than a few turns on the hill in between family time, catching up on sleep, and the usual holiday festivities. Here’s wishing you and yours and very happy holiday season and a joyous, healthy, and prosperous new year. I’m looking forward to seeing you all in 2015! Take care of each other and have fun… See ya soon!

Annual tree lighting ceremony in Vail, CO.

Annual tree lighting ceremony in Vail, CO.










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